Cancer Heterogeneity and Plasticity

Submission Instructions

  • All manuscripts must be submitted via the submission system.

    Templates (Word or Latex for main text, EndNote for Reference) are available to assist authors.

    If a language editing service is required, please contact the Editorial Office.

  • New Submission

    Manuscripts should be prepared following the CHP format using the Word or Latex template provided above.

    Particularly, authors should ensure that:

    1. Their study and manuscript meet the journal's ethical requirements outlined in Guidelines for Authors.

    2. Their manuscript is prepared in accurate, understandable and unambiguous English.

    3. The following files and information are ready:

    (i) A Cover Letter indicating the significance, novelty and impact of the study to the field of cancer biology;

    (ii) Manuscript file, in Word or Latex form, should include:

    • Article title
    • Authors' full names, institutional email addresses, and ORCID iD numbers where possible
    • Authors' affiliations
    • Abstract (350 words or less, no citation)
    • Keywords (4-8 words)
    • Research article should be partitioned into sections in the order of: Introduction, Results, Discussion, Conclusions (optional), Methods, References.
    • Figures: high-resolution images may not be required at this stage but figure images should be clear enough to allow peer review
    • Tables: should be in editable style, not as images
    • References: It is recommended that fully cited references can be up to 150 per paper (if necessary based on the content, more are allowed), with citation number in numerical order in main text: [1], [2,3], [4-6]; in Vancouver-NIH style in the reference list
    • Ethics statements: including, among others, Competing Interests, Sources of Funding, Availability of Data and Materials, Author Contributions, IRB approval of human subjects and specimens, IACUC approval of animal use, sex as a biological determinant, rigor and reproducibility, etc.

    (iii) Written permission for published figures, tables, text quotations, etc. It is the author's responsibility to secure any permissions required for the use of published materials;

    (iv) If authors would like to propose or oppose any potential reviewers, they should provide their names and email/institutional addresses upon initial submission.

  • Submission of Revision

    Authors should ensure that in revising their manuscript, they have fully addressed the comments received from the reviewers and editor(s). The following documents should be provided when submitting the revised manuscript:

    • A clean version of the revised manuscript;
    • A version highlighting (in color) all changes and corrections made to your manuscript;
    • A point-by-point response letter showing the authors’ replies to the reviewers’ and editor’s comments;
    • A graph serves as the Graphic Abstract (if has not submitted with the original submission).
    • Other documents as required by the editor.

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