Human Population Genetics and Genomics ISSN 2770-5005

Joshua Akey  PhD

Professor, Lewis-Sigler Institute, Princeton University, USA
Research Interests: Population genomics; molecular evolution; admixture; natural selection; genetic architecture of complex and quantitative traits
Special Issue: Paleogenomics, ancient DNA, and genomic tales of human history
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Joshua M. Akey is a Professor in the Lewis-Sigler Institute of Integrative Genomics at Princeton University. He received a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Pittsburgh and a Ph.D. in Human and Molecular Genetics from the University of Texas-Houston. He completed his postdoctoral work with Leonid Kruglyak at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, which was supported by an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Informatics. His research focuses on understanding the evolutionary forces that have shaped patterns of human genomic diversity and the genetic architecture of complex and quantitative phenotypes. He has received a number of awards for his research including the Sloan Fellowship for Computational Biology and the William King medal for his work in archaic hominin admixture. His work has also been featured in several documentaries filmed by PBS and BBC among others.

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