Human Population Genetics and Genomics ISSN 2770-5005

Alan Templeton  PhD

Professor Emeritus, Division of Statistical Genomics, Department of Biology, Washington University at St. Louis, USA
Research Interests: Haplotype analysis of the genotype-phenotype relationship; human phylogeography; population genetics; non-random recombination and mutagenesis in human evolution; genetics of common diseases; conservation biology
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Alan Templeton is Charles Rebstock Professor Emeritus of Biology and Statistical Genomics from Washington University at St. Louis.
Alan’s work comprehensively covers the application of molecular genetic techniques and statistical population genetics to a variety of evolutionary problems, both basic and applied.
He has published over 380 papers and books, including a book released in 2018 named “Human Population Genetics and Genomics”, same as the journal’s title. He was listed several years as an author of one of the top 1% most highly cited papers in the Life Sciences field worldwide, and is a frequent keynote speaker invited by international conferences and seminars.

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