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George Papadakis  PhD

Professor of Renewable Energy, Department of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Iera Odos 75, Athens 11855, Greece
Research Interests: Energy; energy technologies; renewable energy; renewable energy technologies; solar energy; technologies for solar thermal energy production (solar thermal collectors); technologies for solar electricity (photovoltaics); concentrated solar power; bio-energy; energy efficiency technologies
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George Papadakis is Professor and Director of the Lab of Agricultural Engineering at AUA. Papadakis received his diploma in Agricultural Engineering and PhD degrees at AUA. Then he joined the Center for Renewable Energy Sources in Greece where he worked as a post doc researcher for two years in the field of solar energy. In 1996 he joined the faculty of the Dept. of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering at AUA and since 2009 he is full professor of renewable energy.

During more than twenty years on the AUA faculty, Papadakis’s research and educational efforts have focused on heat and mass transfer, renewable energy technology (in particular solar energy) and water desalination in combination with renewable energy technologies, particularly reverse osmosis desalination powered by solar photovoltaic and wind. He has also been working on the development and application of microgrids consisted of renewable energy technologies for electricity supply, on the development of energy systems based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and on the biofuels’ deployment for power production. He has founded and he is leading a multidisciplinary energy & water research group at AUA. He has also filled a number of administrative roles at AUA, especially the period 2010-2014 where he was vice president of economics and research of AUA.

He has been collaborating with many public and private organizations/institutions from more than 35 countries from Europe and internationally in projects funded by the European Union and other international organizations. Since 1996 he has been scientific coordinator (principal investigator) of more than 30 projects of which 15 multi-partner international projects funded by the European Commission of the European Union. He has been invited to give lectures at several universities internationally such as, in several universities in Europe, in USA (MIT, Columbia University, South Florida University), in China (Southeast University - Nanjing, Southwest University - Chongqing, China Agricultural University - Beijing), in Vietnam (Tay Nguyen University - Buon Ma Thuot), in Indonesia (IPB University - Bogor), in Laos (Savannakhet University – Savannakhet), in Morocco (University Cadi Ayyad - Marrakech); in Egypt (Alexandria University, Cairo University), in Jordan (Jordan University of Science and Technology).

He has directly supervised more than 60 graduate theses, including 6 PhDs and postdoctoral associates. He has authored more than 180 publications and Google scholar reported in February 2020 more than 7300 citations with h index equal to 45.

Besides the Editor-in-Chief of this journal, he is member of the Editorial Boards of six (6) international scientific journals in the field of energy.

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